Punch Club is now released after Twitch managed to beat the game under two days

Punch Club is a boxing tycoon & management RPG that was originally slated to release on January 25th but tinyBuild & Lazy Bear Games promised they would instead release it as soon as Twitch manages to beat the entire game, no small undertaking when you have thousands of people at the wheel.

But in a rather impressive feat of organization the Twitch community not only managed to beat Punch Club, they did it in under two days! As soon as the announcement broke that Twitch had managed to beat Punch Club it was released on Steam as promised and you can now grab it yourself.


Here's what the rather surprised developers had to say once they realized that Twitch had indeed managed to beat the game in record time:

"It took you 36 hours to beat Punch Club. You managed to get a girlfriend, but you made some bad choices along the way. You went to prison, got caught dealing drugs, and drugs then you took some drugs and managed to beat the game using the “bad” route. It took you 167 in-game days.

For 3 whole in-game weeks you were saving money to buy training equipment for your basement. Initially you went for buffing all your stats equally, but found passion for agility and that’s how you prevailed!

Over 71,000 of you participated in playing, and it was an incredible experience. We believe this was a very well organized Twitch Plays experience, as on average you were playing at the speed of a normal play through, with the exception of late game events.

Thank you all for your support and have fun in Punch Club."