Outward artwork for the exploration focused RPG

[Update]: Outward: Definitive Edition has now been unleashed alongside a surprisingly musical trailer!

As I've talked about throughout my review, Outward is a brutal yet enthralling exploration-focused RPG, quite similar to the Gothic or Risen series. If that sounds like exactly the kind of adventure you'd like to dive into, you'll be happy to hear that the new and improved Outward: Definitive Edition is launching on May 17th, 2022 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox!

The Definitive Edition will come bundled with both of the expansions, The Soroboreans and The Three Brothers, as well as a whole host of balance tweaks, quality-of-life improvements and brand new content. The exact list of additions hasn't been announced just yet, but given my experience with Outward, it's probably going to involve being chased around by something big and scary!

If you're curious what all of this might look like in actual gameplay, allow me to share with you the latest "release date" trailer. Have a peek:

The final thing worth mentioning is that there will be an upgrade program for existing owners. To put it simply, as long as you have the base game and The Three Brothers expansion on the same account you'll be able to upgrade to the Definitive Edition free of charge. And yes, The Soroboreans expansion is not necessary for the upgrade, though you will get it for free as a part of the Definitive Edition if you don't already own it!

Once Outward: Definitive Edition arrives I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can learn more about Outward and its expansions over at Steam. Enjoy!