Legion TD 2 is an upcoming tower defense game with a twist

[Update]: Legion TD 2 will be launching from Steam Early Access on October 1, 2021.

This is shaping up to be a great month for fans of Warcraft 3 custom maps as Element TD was recently ported over to Dota 2, and the equally popular Legion TD is now getting a standalone sequel.

Legion TD 2 is a multiplayer, free-to-play tower defense game that combines all of the elements thousands, if not millions, have come to love with the original, but without any of the restraints of the now ancient Warcraft 3 engine. Here's the brief trailer and some more information:


Legion TD 2 is being created by the very same team that made the original Warcraft 3 mod, and is currently going through a rather successful Kickstarter campaign. With 20 days to go, and only $800 more to gather, I think its safe to assume that Legion TD 2's future is now secure, which then leads to the question of what exactly is Legion TD 2?

A typical match takes place on a symmetric playing field where two teams of up to four players attempt to annihilate one another without ever getting their own hands dirty, like proper civilized gentlemen. Instead, each player will need to gather resources and carefully plan which units to field, and in what type of a formation, in order to burst through the enemy's army and attack the king who prefers to look fashionable over wearing such trifling things as armor.

Legion TD 2 fashionable king

Who needs protection when you look this fabulous

It is a simple concept, but I can tell you from my Warcraft 3 days that Legion TD has plenty of depth to it, especially when you get matched up with equally skilled opponents who don't fall for the cheapest of feints. If Legion TD 2 ends up being anywhere near the quality of the original, and odds are it will because its made by exactly the same people, then I have some very high hopes for the future of this competitive tower defense.

Legion TD 2 is expected to arrive in December 2016 for PC, Mac and Linux, but don't be surprised if it encounters some delays along the way, as is customary with Kickstarter projects. If you're a fan of well balanced and challenging tower defense games, you should probably keep an eye out for Legion TD 2 as it has the potential to be quite amazing.

Legion TD 2 zeus unit

While flashy, its best if you don't stack up on a single unit type