Element Tower Defense is now live in Dota 2

Before I even realized Dota was a thing I spent countless hours in Warcraft 3 playing four maps: The Life of a Peasant, Uther Party, Castle Fight and the gloriously addicting Element TD.

So you can imagine how overjoyed I was today when I saw that Element Tower Defense was ported over to Dota 2. A few things are missing, such as support for 8 players, but overall its the very same Element TD I binged on back in my teenage years.

My only real complaint is the fact that the Dota 2 hero models are far less representative of the towers and their abilities than the Warcraft 3 equivalents. Unfortunately this can't be helped given that there is so little material in Dota 2 to pull from compared to the massive library of Warcraft 3 object, units and props.

Like previous versions of Element TD the Dota 2 variant supports multiple difficulty options and player counts with the game being seemingly perfectly balanced for each one. An unsurprising fact given that the stats are most likely copied from the WC3 version which has gone through years of updates and balance changes at this point.

fire towers in Element Tower Defense

Fire was always my favorite due to it, ironically, being the coolest element

For those of you that enjoy the thrill of competition the developers have added a leaderboard where you can compete for the top score in either Normal or Express difficulty. The map has only recently been launched so if you're an Element TD veteran you have a good chance of shattering these records and making yourself known, for a brief time in any case.

To give it a try you will need to first download Dota 2 (which is free) and then either grab Element TD from the Steam Workshop or through the game itself. The installation process is automatic and very quick so if you want to you can start throwing fireballs at Morphlings within 5 minutes.