La-Mulana 2 official artwork and logo

Much like the original, La-Mulana 2 is a deviously challenging puzzle-exploration game that doesn't hold your hand in any way. As such, an average playthrough is going to have you singlehandedly dismantle complex puzzles, solve obscure riddles, and often spend considerable amounts of time trying to figure out if the strange wall in front of you is simply ornamental or some kind of mysterious clue you aren't fully comprehending!

If that kind of difficulty sounds like something you live for, you'll be happy to hear that La-Mulana 2 has just added its very first piece of DLC - The Tower of Oannes. The newly added map stands shoulder to shoulder with the Hell Temple in terms of difficulty, which as you might imagine given the name, means that you're in for quite a ride!

What all of this madness looks like in actual gameplay, that you can get a bit of a teaser of through the recently posted trailer. Have a little peek:

As an additional little bonus, as well as to help everyone get accustomed to the sheer brutality of some of these puzzles, the base version of La-Mulana 2 is currently on a 50% discount. So if challenge is what you seek and you aren't afraid of being stuck on the same puzzle for a full week, start with the base game and then move onto The Tower of Oannes expansion once you're sufficiently ready.

To learn more about The Tower of Oannes, as well as La-Mulana 2 itself, you should head on over to Steam. Have fun, and do make sure to pace yourself as the puzzles are designed with a very methodical approach in mind.

La-Mulana 2 The Tower of Oannes screenshot from the boss fight

La-Mulana 2 The Tower of Oaness screenshot of a rather odd room