GTFO screenshot of mutants pouring through a wall breach

[Update #2]: After a rather eventful Early Access stay, GTFO has now been fully released.

[Update]: GTFO has now arrived onto Steam Early Access, and as expected, it's both promising and unfinished.

Despite Left 4 Dead continuing to be a massive success, as well as games like Vermintide 2 carving themselves a nice piece of that pie, there is a surprisingly lack of challenging, co-op focused shooters. Sure, there are shooters that allow you to play with other people, but very few of them actually dare to present a real sense of danger or require much in terms of teamwork in order to succeed.

With that in mind, you might be interested to hear that GTFO will be coming to Steam Early Access this December 9th in order to potentially rectify that situation. According to its description, GTFO is a hardcore, co-op focused FPS that's all about gunning down overwhelming numbers of monstrosities through specialized weaponry and good ol' fashioned teamwork. How exactly all of that will work out in practice, only time will tell, but it's definitely the sort of concept that gets my ears all perked up.

Since there is no better way to show what GTFO is all about than through actual video, allow me to share with you one of the original trailers as that'll give you a pretty good idea of the sort of atmosphere and gameplay GTFO is going for. Have a look:

Before you get too excited, it is worth mentioning that GTFO developers are planning to spend about a year in Early Access, during which they are aiming to add a whole bunch of new content. So if you're looking for a fully finished game that you can really sink your teeth into, GTFO is not going to be that, at least not for a few months. Just bear that in mind before you potentially burn yourself out on the early versions.

Once GTFO goes live I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you can read a little bit more about it by hopping over to Steam.