Don't Starve Together's Hook, Line & Inker artwork for the new fish monsters

[Update]: Don't Starve is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a massive bugfixing and quality-of-life focused update.

In sharp contrast to its title, Don't Starve Together's newest Hook, Line & Inker update has brought in a whole bunch of food-related content in order to help spread the holiday cheer. The ocean has been updated with a variety of new fish to catch and cook, though you will need to use the newly added sea fishing rods and tackles in order to make it happen. And naturally, once you catch a really big one, you can use the patented Fish Scale-O-Matic to make sure everyone around you knows just how absolutely amazing you truly are.

The update has also brought back Winter's Feast, which will have you chasing Gingerpigs and hunting for the physical embodiment of holiday cheer. Sounds a little bit insane, but I suppose that's par for the course with Don't Starve. On the positive side, you'll be able to use the holiday cheer to create delicious feasts for you and your friends to enjoy!

As always, the Hook, Line & Inker update has been accompanied by a beautifully animated trailer highlighting some of the new content. So if you're curious about what all of this madness might look like in action, have a peek:

You can learn more about the Hook, Line & Inker, as well as Don't Starve Together, over at the official website. Have fun, and do try not to feast your way into a food coma!