[Update]: Don't Starve is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a massive bugfixing and quality-of-life focused update.

After a rather successful stay in Steam Early Access, Don't Starve's Hamlet expansion has now finally released in full. Besides the aforementioned aristocratic Pigmen, the Hamlet brings with it the ability to create your very own house, a whole bunch of new regions to explore and monsters to die to, three unique new characters to mess around with, as well as plenty of ruins to delve through in search of secrets and giant spiders.

You can get a bit of an idea of what this looks like in-game, as well as how fancy the Pigmen civilization truly is, through the recently posted trailer down below. Have a gander:

I haven't played it myself just yet since I'm still deep into a Don't Starve Together playthrough, but I am glad to say that the reviews for Hamlet appear to be quite positive across the board. So if you're a fan of Don't Starve, and you're looking for a brand new set of challenges to overcome, the Hamlet expansion does appear to be worth checking out, especially considering it's surprisingly low €5,69 price tag.

You can learn more about Don't Starve: Hamlet, as well as grab yourself a copy, over at Steam. Have fun!