Deep Rock Galactic screenshot of a fourth relic skin

[Update]: Deep Rock Galactic update has added two new mission types and a bunch of cosmetics.

It has only been a short while since Deep Rock Galactic released from Steam Early Access, and already Ghost Ship Games have launched a fairly sizable update. This one brings with it a variety of bug and crash fixes, three new secondary objectives, as well as a whole bunch of new layouts and props to gawk at as you explore the numerous biomes.

Perhaps most importantly, there's now a brand new boss-like enemy to encounter while wondering through the cave systems - the Korlok Tyrant-Weed. It's a particularly nasty one as it endlessly spawns aggressive sproutlings that will eventually overwhelm even the best of teams, so do make sure to tear out its 'heart' before it manages to return the favor.

Update 31 has also added creature pages to the in-game guide, a brand new beer to guzzle between missions, and even nine new music tracks to jam out to. And if you're a fan of destroying the poor space station, you'll also be glad to hear it has gone through a minor visual overhaul to make it a bit livelier.

As for the future, Update 32 will add new mission types to help increase Deep Rock Galactic's longevity, though we'll have to wait a little while longer to learn more about them. Until then, you can check out Deep Rock Galactic and Update 31 by digging through to Steam. Have fun!