Deep Rock Galactic screenshot of the new Drilldozer mission

[Update]: Deep Rock Galactic devs have revealed what sort of goodies are coming in early 2021.

A few months have gone by since Deep Rock Galactic was unleashed from Steam Early Access, and if you're itching for even more content to dig your pickaxes into, you'll be happy to hear a major new update has just arrived. Update 32 brings with it two new mission types, a whole bunch of new cosmetics, plenty of balance changes and bug fixes, as well as even more variation when it comes to the randomized maps.

The first of these two new missions is all about harvesting liquid Morkite. You'll need to find the various wells scattered throughout the map, build gigantic pipelines leading back to your refinery, and then extract every single bit of precious Morkite you can while doing your very best to avoid dying to the endless onslaught of bugs and other critters.

As for the second map type, this is one is the complete opposite. Instead of roaming around and looking for Morkite, you'll have to follow the autonomous Drilldozer as it slowly carves its way to the mysterious Ommoran Heartstone. As is often the case, the management has been cutting costs so the 'mighty' Drilldozer is actually a giant rustbucket with no real defensive capabilities. In other words, you'll need to not only frequently refuel it in order to keep moving, but also keep it safe as the bugs will most definitely converge towards the source of endless noise. Just another day at the job for the valiant space Dwarves!

When it comes to the cosmetics, they are once again divided between free and DLC ones. On the free side of things there are 27 new cosmetics in the in-game shop, 11 new cosmetics that can be forged with Matrix Cores, and one fancy new hat that you can only unlock by completing the new assignment. The paid Roughneck DLC pack, however, brings with it four sets of unique armor, new helmets and new paintjobs. Naturally, none of this is mandatory or even all that important, so don't worry about missing out on anything if you decide to skip the whole DLC.

To find out all of the balance details, as well as read more about Ghost Ship Games' plans for Deep Rock Galactic, you should head on over to Steam. Have fun, and as is tradition, make sure to constantly yell "rock and stone!" to help improve team morale!