Dead Cells' The Queen & the Sea artwork and logo

[Update #2]: Dead Cells' first 2023 expansion will be a rather ambitious crossover with Castlevania.

[Update]: Dead Cells' free update has added The Bank as a blinged-out new biome to ransack.

After a brief round of teasers last year, Dead Cells' newest expansion The Queen & the Sea has now been unleashed. The Queen & the Sea brings with it two chunky new biomes to explore, the Infested Shipwreck and the Lighthouse, which will serve as optional routes running in parallel with the High Peak Castle and Derelict Distillery.

The Queen & the Sea has also added nine new weapons to toy around with, the most ridiculous of which is an actual shark you can throw at people, as well as a variety of new enemies to smash and outfits to help you look good while doing so. Most importantly of all, there is also a challenging new boss to fight, as well as a brand new ending to unlock!

You can get a pretty good idea of what all of this looks like through two of the recently posted trailers. The first is the animated short setting up the whole story, while the second is the standard gameplay preview. Have a peek:

Much like the previous expansions, The Queen & the Sea will set you back €5. And as a little bonus for those of you that haven't yet given Dead Cells a try, Motion Twin have also put the base game and the other major expansions on sale until January 24th. So if you're in the mood for a Metrodivania-style roguelike, Dead Cells is well worth a closer look.

Have fun, and to learn more about The Queen & the Sea I'd recommend heading over to Steam.