World's Dawn is a Harvest Moon inspired life sim

The Harvest Moon series has always been an oddity for me. I'm the type of person that enjoys high-paced competitive games yet for some reason I've spent far more hours than I am willing to admit tending to my farm and raising innumerable hordes of chickens.

There aren't many life sim games on the PC, if there are any at all, so I'm really happy to tell you that World's Dawn, a Harvest Moon inspired life sim, is making its way to Steam today (January 25th). Here's the trailer:


As you can see from the trailer World's Dawn does a lot more than simply take inspiration from Harvest Moon, many of the gameplay elements are almost the same. But don't take that as a complaint however, the Harvest Moon games more or less define the entire genre so if you want to make something similar you might as well look up to the best. Besides, World's Dawn seems to add plenty of its own touches to make the whole experience feel familiar yet unique.

While I haven't had the chance to try it myself the various previews you can find by googling are mostly praising the game for its stylish graphics, great writing and relaxed atmosphere which as far as I'm concerned is all I really need from this type of game.

The only questionable thing I have to say about World's Dawn is the awkward resolution (544x416) the game is running on in an effort to emulate the look and feel of the old Harvest Moon titles. While I'm aware its going to result in some stretched pixels I still hope you can upscale the game a bit as that resolution is going to be absolutely tiny on a widescreen monitor.

But you don't have to take anyone else's opinion as a fact, you can try it yourself before making a purchase as World's Dawn actually has the gaming equivalent of the mythical unicorn, the demo