Choo-Choo Charles official artwork without logo

[Update]: Choo-Choo Charles has now arrived, and as you would expect it's really short, a bit janky, yet also quite fascinating.

When it comes to horror games, be they AAA or indie, usually the monster is some sort of zombie, werewolf-like creature, Lovecraftian bundle of tentacles, or just a good ol' fashioned ghost. The newly announced Choo-Choo Charles, however, has chosen to take things in a bit of a... different direction.

So instead of the mainstream monster menagerie, Choo-Choo Charles will have you fight a demonic train while riding around on a train of your own! While the concept sounds absolutely ridiculous, the freshly posted trailer sells the idea extremely well. Have a gander:

Even though I can't shake the feeling that this whole game is a Thomas the Tank Engine meme that's, ironically enough, gone completely off the rails, I can't deny that the concept is pretty fun. Just the idea of having to rely on a vulnerable and terribly loud train as your only means of transportation is really interesting to me, doubly so when you consider this also allows the developers to railroad the story and keep things accelerating at a nice, consistent pace.

How all of that will pan out in actual gameplay, that I suppose we'll find out soon enough as Choo-Choo Charles will be launching onto PC at some point in early 2022. You can read a little bit more about it, as well as keep an eye on any new announcements, over at Steam.