Celeste official artwork without the logo

[Update]: Celeste's free Chapter 9 update has now arrived with over 100 new levels, and they're pretty good!

Back in 2018, the developers behind the excellent indie platformer Celeste announced that they will be releasing a bunch of new levels in early 2019 to celebrate their 500,000 copies sold milestone. As you're hopefully well aware, early 2019 has come and gone, but the free update has yet to appear.

Thankfully, this is not because of any behind-the-scenes problems, but rather because the developers have greatly increased the scope of the update. Instead of just a couple of new levels to say goodbye to Celeste, the upcoming update has now ballooned in size to over 100 new levels!

Before you set yourself up for disappointment, it is worth mentioning that "levels" in this context means sections filled with puzzles and obstacle courses, rather than fully-fledged and lengthy individual maps. It's still a great deal of content, and given their supposed difficulty as they're from Chapter 9, I don't think most of us will be blazing through them any time soon!

Speaking of which, I'm afraid no release date has been announced just yet as the developers are still not 100% certain when they'll be done. So while it does suck having to wait even longer, I'd say it's going to be well worth it if the levels themselves end up being fun to mess around with.

You can follow Celeste's progress moving forward, as well as learn a little bit more about it, over at the official website.