Celeste official artwork without the logo

[Update]: Celeste's free Chapter 9 update has now arrived with over 100 new levels, and they're pretty good!

The excellent indie platformer Celeste has recently managed to reach a rather momentous milestone - more than 500,000 copies sold in a single year! In order to celebrate, as well as give Celeste the sendoff it truly deserves, the developers have now announced that they will be soon adding a bunch of free new levels.

The details are still few and far between, but as you might expect from an update that comes an entire year after launch, the new levels will be hard as nails! As for the release date, nothing specific has been said just yet, but you can expect to see the new levels in early 2019.

So if you've never given Celeste a try, but you're a fan of difficult platforming challenges, this would be a pretty good time to dive in and see what all the fuss is about. Not only is Celeste currently on a 20% discount on Steam, but by the time you're done with the standard levels, chances are the new ones will be just around the corner to give you a fresh batch of misery and/or elation.

You can learn more about Celeste, as well as follow the developers moving forward, by heading over to the official website. Have fun, and don't be discouraged if you find yourself constantly dying - it's all part of the learning process!