Cassette Beasts screenshot of the 2v2 battle system

[Update]: Cassette Beasts has now been unleashed alongside a lengthy, free demo.

It may have taken quite a while, but I'm still more than happy that we're now finally getting some rather interesting Pokemon-inspired games. Temtem has only just recently launched into Early Access, and already we have the announcement of the somewhat strange yet highly creative Cassette Beasts.

Besides the bizarre novelty of transforming into monsters through the use of oldschool cassette tapes, what really sets Cassette Beasts apart is the ability to fuse together literally every single combination of monsters. So not only is there a whole bunch of abilities and elemental weaknesses to worry about in the base set, but there's also a sizable amount of 'hidden' monsters to experiment with. A pretty cool concept, I have to admit!

If you're a little bit confused, however, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. It'll quickly clue you in on just what Cassette Beasts is all about and how the whole Fusion mechanic even functions. Have a look:

Outside of launching your crimes against nature at your opponents, Cassette Beasts will also give you a chance to explore a rich open world filled with puzzles, dungeons, and shortcuts to uncover. You'll also be able to travel alongside a variety of companions, all of which will have personal goals you can complete in order to strengthen your bond with them and make your Fusions all the more powerful.

If that sounds like its your cup of tea, then you'll be glad to hear that Cassette Beasts will be "coming soon" for Windows and Linux, with the Nintendo Switch version slated for a future date. To learn more about Cassette Beasts, as well as follow its upcoming release, you should hop on over to Steam.