Cassette Beasts Pokemon inspired tactics game official artwork and logo

If you're in the mood for roaming the world in search of monsters to catch, and perhaps even creating a couple of your own, you might want to give the freshly launched Cassette Beasts a look. To put it quite simply, Cassette Beasts is a Pokemon inspired turn-based tactics game where you can fuse literally any two monsters together to amplify their abilities and hopefully get an upper hand over your opponents. Best of all, each one is fully animated, so discovering all of the combinations should be a nice bit of fun!

Besides smashing monsters together, Cassette Beasts will also task you with exploring an open world, solving puzzles, and delving trough dungeons. In true Pokemon fashion, certain monster abilities can also be used outside of combat in order to aid with exploration, so you'll definitely want to revisit old areas every once in a while in order to see what new secrets or shortcuts you can uncover.

What all of this looks like in action, as well as what sort of visual style Cassette Beasts is going for, that you can check out through the release date trailer below. Have a peek:

Before you make up your mind about Cassette Beasts, it's important to mention that there is a free demo available! It's a fairly lengthy one too, totaling around 30-60 minutes of content, so it should be more than enough to clue you in on where exactly you stand with Cassette Beasts and its gameplay loop.

You can check out the demo, as well as learn more about Cassette Beasts, over at Steam. Have fun!

Cassette Beasts Pokemon inspired tactics game battle screenshot

Cassette Beasts Pokemon inspired turn-based RPG screenshot of the overworld

Cassette Beasts Pokemon inspired turn-based RPG screenshot of the various characters