Praey for the Gods screenshot of a giant boss coming through the fog

It took a successful Kickstarter campaign, many years in development, as well as a completely pointless name change due to ZeniMax, but Praey for the Gods has now finally arrived onto PC, PlayStation and Xbox! As for its premise, it's very simple.

You'll need to venture into the land of never-ending winter in order to face off against gigantic bosses, Shadow of the Colossus style. In other words, you'll need to track them across the land while braving the ceaseless cold, avoid their attacks with a variety of tools like gliders and grappling hooks, and eventually even jump onto them in order to exploit their weaknesses and finally bring them down for good.

Each of the monsters can be tackled in any order, and the same goes for all of the various secrets hidden across the world. So while Praey for the Gods will try to guide forward you through the use of environmental clues, feel free to spend as much time exploring around as you want... provided you're prepared enough to do so without freezing to death!

If you're curious what all of this might look like in actual gameplay, allow me to share with you the recent launch trailer. Have a look, it's a fairly short one:

To learn more about Praey for the Gods, as well as to check out some of the user reviews, I'd recommend heading over to Steam. Have fun!