Blasphemous Stir of Dawn update artwork and logo

[Update #2]: Blasphemous' final free expansion has now arrived - Wounds of Eventide.

[Update]: Blasphemous has now made its way to macOS and Linux.

If you're looking to revisit Blasphemous, or even go for your very first playthrough, this would be the ideal time to do so. The Stir of Dawn free DLC has just arrived, bringing with it an assortment of changes and improvements to the main game, as well as additional challenges through the New Game Plus mode and its accompanying Penitence system.

To access New Game Plus, all you need to do is complete the standard campaign. Afterwards you'll be able to begin anew, keeping all of your unlocked skills and equippable items, while your enemies will become significantly tougher and deadlier.

However, if you desire an even greater challenge, New Game Plus will also give you the option to choose between one of three Penitences. These Penitences offers a great boon, though they all come at equally great cost. For example, the Penitence of the Unwavering Faith severely weakens your normal attacks, but adds a constant and rather noticeable Fervour regeneration. So while you can't do much damage in melee, your abilities will be significantly more useful throughout the run, thus making the whole experience just a little bit more fresh and interesting.

There's also a brand new quest to explore in New Game Plus, a completely redesigned map, a new fast travel system, new cutscenes, balance and animation improvements, and the list goes on for a while. Long story short, The Stir of Dawn is a pretty comprehensive update!

You can read more about it, as well as check out Blasphemous itself, over at Steam. Have fun with all of the new stuff!