Blasphemous Wounds of Eventide update artwork

If you're a fan of Blasphemous' blend of Souls-like action and Metroidvania-style exploration, I have some bittersweet news to deliver. The Game Kitchen has just unleashed a chunky free update that offers a whole assortment of new content to explore, though sadly this will also be the very final update for Blasphemous as the team is now going to fully focus on the sequel.

In terms of gameplay details, the Wounds of Eventide update brings with it new levels, bosses, items and secrets to explore around for. Most importantly of all, there is also a brand new "fate" for Cvstodia to uncover - a series of events that will lead directly into the 2023 sequel.

I can't give you any specifics in order to avoid spoilers, but you can get a pretty good impression of what Wounds of Eventide will be about through the recently posted trailer. Have a peek:

Before you begin, it's worth mentioning that late game saves may not be able to see all of the Wounds of Eventide content. As such, if you want the full experience, make sure to start fresh or load an earlier save and visit the tomb of Perpetva in the Echoes of Salt before fighting Esdras.

Have fun, and if you're interested in the full patch notes, you can find them over at Steam.