Biomutant up-close screenshot of the main character

[Update #2]: Biomutant has now been pinned for a May 25, 2021 release date!

[Update]: THQ Nordic has released a lengthy preview showing off what Biomutant has to offer!

Biomutant is an upcoming open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu RPG that will allow you to mix melee, shooting, and mutant abilities in order to devastate everything in your path. Most importantly of all, Biomutant is an incredibly imaginative game filled with bizarre yet charming characters, as well as some rather lovely environments.

Rather than waste your time trying to explain this through words alone, allow me to instead share with you the most recent gameplay trailer. It will give you a pretty damn good idea of why I'm so impressed with Biomutant's style, as well as offer a brief glimpse at what it's gameplay is all about. Have a gander:

Besides the obvious stuff such as choosing your powers and weapons, in Biomutant you will also be able to equip yourself with a variety of protective gear. So if you're heading into the hazardous Dead Zones you could consider wearing a gas-mask and oxygen tank, or you could forsake that in favor of resistant clothing that allows you to tackle contaminated creatures head on. I'm not exactly sure how the system is going to work, but I do like the general idea behind it: you can easily counter one of the many obstacles present before you, but you can't counter them all at the same time!

If all of this looks as intriguing to you as it does to me, you'll be glad to hear that Biomutant will be coming to PC and consoles in 2018, though I'm afraid no exact release date has been given just yet. To learn more you should head over to either Steam or the official website, but don't expect to find much in terms of details just yet. And finally, here's a couple of stylish images to send you on your merry way:

Biomutant screenshot of a beautiful full moon

Biomutant screenshot of our character soaring through the skies

Biomutant screenshot of a three-headed pink monster