Cube World official artwork and logo

[Update]: Cube World has now finally released in full, though the reviews are unfortunately a bit mixed.

Cube World is a colorful, voxel-based RPG first released as an alpha all the way back in 2013. However, due to a variety of issues, Cube World's development seemingly ceased the same year, and eventually it even became unavailable for purchase.

With the lead developer's lack of communication and no substantial updates, Cube World was thought to be an abandoned project. With that in mind, you can imagine my surprise when I opened up Twitter and saw a brand new announcement stating that Cube World is not only alive and kicking, but also ready to release in the near future!

No exact release date has been given just yet, but according to the announcement, Cube World will be coming in late September or early October. As of right now, it seems that Cube World will only be available through Steam. If you've previously purchased the alpha version, worry not at you will be given a free Steam key at some point around launch.

The final thing worth mentioning is that the lead developer 'Wollay' has also released a short update explaining just what happened with Cube World and why it took so long to release any new content. You can read the full message over at the now-defunct blog.

As for Cube World itself, you can learn more about it, as well as potentially grab yourself a copy once it becomes available, over at the official website. The information is a little bit outdated right now, but I'm sure it'll be updated as Cube World gets closer to launch.