City of Brass screenshot of an approaching skeleton

City of Brass is a challenging first-person roguelike themed after the Arabian Nights. In other words, you will be spending most of your time looking for treasure, exploring opulent cities and derelict ruins, fighting against a variety of mythological creatures, and naturally, trying your damnest to not die a brutal and disappointing death.

While its not yet ready for release, you can get an idea of what City of Brass is going to look and play like via the recently posted gameplay trailer down below. Its sadly not very long, but it should suffice for now. Have a look:

Children of Morta screenshot of green crystal pylons

Children of Morta is an upcoming hack and slash roguelike with a rather intriguing premise. Instead of playing as just one character, you will constantly be swapping between different members of the Bergson household, always making sure to balance potentially deadly adventuring with family obligations. I'm not exactly certain how it works, but I do like the idea of having your children eventually take over the 'adventuring business' while your initial character just gets to sit down and relax in their old age.

A lot of Children of Morta's charm comes from the visuals and overall presentation, so if you're even remotely interested in the concept I would recommend you check out the most recent gameplay trailer. Have a look, its quite pleasing on the eyes:

Darkwood screenshot of a rather creepy tree

Darkwood is a top-down horror game that will have you explore a randomly generated world during the day, after which you will have to somehow survive throughout the night despite all manner of creatures and monstrosities lurking deep in the misty woods. It arrived to Steam Early Access quite a few years ago, and after a whole bunch of patches and positive reviews it has now finally been released!

Since trying to explain atmospheric horror games through words alone is a completely pointless task, allow me to share with you the recently posted launch trailer. Its not very long, but it should get the point across quite nicely. Have a look:

Rock of Ages 2 screenshot of the Isaac head boulder

Rock of Ages and its sequel are both relatively simple games, yet strangely enticing with their concept. The whole idea is to destroy the enemy's defenses with your giant and all-powerful god-rock, all the while placing a variety of obstacles and troops to prevent the opponent from doing the same to you. Combine that with an art style that seems to be taken straight from Monty Python's Flying Circus and you've got yourself the most "historically accurate" tower defense and boulder-racing series ever created.

Since all I've done is probably make you even more confused, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. It features a decent amount of gameplay, so it should give you a pretty damn good idea of just what kind of madness Rock of Ages 2 is up to. Have a look:

Black Mirror adventure game official artwork without logo

Before I say anything else its important to first address the rather large elephant skulking in the corner of the room: Black Mirror has absolutely nothing to do with the Twilight Zone inspired TV series of the same name. It does, however, have a lot in common with the fairly old point & click adventure game Black Mirror 1, mostly because it a modern re-imagining of the very same story.

As for what exactly that story is, here's the brief description that came with the announcement: "Black Mirror is a dark adventure game that details the aftermath of the tragic death of William Gordon. Playing as his grandson Samuel players must unveil the truth behind the events of that fateful, stormy night. The Gordon family has accepted William's death as suicide; however, Samuel is not so sure. And through further investigation some terrifying family secrets are revealed. Through the course of the game players will discover the tragedy that has decimated the Gordons since the Middle Ages - and eventually fight to escape a fate that will not stop until it has claimed every member of the family."

Light Fall screenshot of the sunny sea

Light Fall is an upcoming 2D action-platformer that will have you create your very own path to victory. In order to do this you will be given a magical box you can summon at will, reposition whenever and however it suits you, use as a platform to bounce yourself high into the air or to block enemy projectiles, and whatever else one might accomplish with a glowing demon-box.

The concept itself is fairly simple, but if you need a bit of a visual example of just what Light Fall is all about, you'll find the recently posted teaser video right below. Have a look:

Sine Mora EX screenshot from a story cutscene

Sine Mora EX, as you might deduce from the title, is a new and improved version of the colorful shoot 'em up Sine Mora that launched back in 2012. The remastered version brings with it support for higher aspect ratios, English voiceovers with the ability to swap to the original Hungarian ones at will, local co-op for up to four players, three new versus modes, new challenge levels, and naturally, improved graphical fidelity.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, Sine Mora EX's defining feature is the ability to manipulate time in a variety of ways. So while you will still have to be skilled enough to dodge through an entire hailstorm of bullets, you will always be able to do something to get yourself out of trouble. While one of the most recent trailers doesn't showcase the time manipulation, it should still give you a good idea of what Sine Mora EX is all about. Without further delay, here's the video: