Machinarium screenshot of the newly reworked version

Machinarium is one of Amanita Design's best point & click adventures, and that is saying a lot given that it has the likes of Samorost 3 as competition. However, as charming the world and its inhabitants are, Machinarium has always been a bit troublesome on the technical side of things given that it was built entirely on Flash.

In most scenarios this would remain as a small little blemish on an otherwise great game, but Amanita Design has decided to take things to the extreme and completely rework Machinarium from the ground up! It now runs on a new custom-built engine, has full-screen support for even the highest resolutions, support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One gampads (as well as experimental support for the rest), cloud saves, as well as the usual slue of Steam-related features.

Valfaris screenshot of our hero sliding down

The developers behind Slain: Back from Hell have announced that their next game Valfaris will be a heavy metal infused 2D action-platformer. Judging from the screenshots alone I would say that Valfaris is a new and improved version of Slain, which is something I am perfectly OK with given that Slain unfortunately didn't manage to live up to its potential.

There is currently no gameplay footage available as Valfaris has just been announced, but if you're interested in seeing what the visuals and music will be like you can check out the recently posted teaser trailer down below. Have a look:

Unto the End screenshot of a bridge and a giant on it

E3 has brought with it a whole bunch of announcements for AAA games and their sequels, but also a couple of really interesting indie games. As you can guess from the title, one of these indie games is Unto the End, a 2D action-adventure with a heavy focus on combat and some extremely stylish visuals.

Before I even say anything else I would recommend you check out the recently posted trailer down below. It does a rather good job of explaining what Unto the End is all about, and most importantly, what it looks like. Have a gander:

Pepper Grinder game screenshot of a boss fight against a giant beetle

As far as gameplay mechanics are concerned Pepper Grinder might just be one of the most unique action-platformers I've seen in quite a while. Instead of simply running around and slicing things up with a sword, in Pepper Grinder most of your movement will be done by tunneling straight through the world, while all of the combat will done via the business end of a massive drill!

Since all of this sounds like one giant gimmick and not something you would actually have fun with for long, allow me to show you the recently posted alpha trailer. It will give you an excellent idea of what Pepper Grinder is all about, and how exactly the whole "tunneling through the world" thing works. Have a look:

Blapshemous game screenshot of a boss fight

To say that the Kickstarter campaign for Blasphemous has been a success would be one hell of an understatement given that it currently sits on $228,215, over four times its original goal! And honestly, its easy to see why. Even in its earliest incarnation the dark and brutal hack & slash is oozing with atmosphere and style, which combined with the seemingly Castlevania inspired action makes for a rather intriguing game.

Since much of Blasphemous relies on the visuals and sound design I would be doing it a massive disservice by simply explaining what exactly it is, so allow me to instead show you the recently posted Kickstarter trailer. It has a fair bit of length to it, and almost no pointless fluff, so it should give you a pretty good idea of what Blasphemous is all about:

Outreach screenshot of the space station without power

As far as locations and settings go, the developers behind Outreach have definitely chosen an interesting one. The entirety of the action takes place aboard a Soviet space station set in a re-imagined version of the 1980s. And since that alone apparently isn't interesting enough, the entire crew of the space station is mysteriously and suddenly missing, with very few clues pointing towards their fate.

Outreach heavily leans on its atmosphere and surprisingly authentic visuals to carry the experience, so I would recommend you check out the recently posted gameplay trailer right below. It doesn't showcase much in terms of actual gameplay, but it does an extremely good job of setting up the mood and explaining the general premise. Have a look:

The End Is Nigh screenshot of black rain and pillars

If you're a fan of Super Meat Boy, or other such brutal platformers, you might want to pay attention to The End is Nigh. Its all about jumping around in a gigantic and extremely hostile world, dying a whole bunch of times before you figure out how to beat the level, and feeling like an absolute badass when you finally succeed. In many ways you can consider The End is Nigh a sort of spiritual successor to Super Meat Boy, though it definitely has a life of its own.

Since Edmund McMillen's games have quite a unique art style it would probably be a good idea for you to check out the recently posted teaser trailer. Just keep in mind that the first minute or so is just an introduction, so don't immediately close the video if the game on display seems a bit generic. Have a look: