Total War: Warhammer's Archaon the Everchosen

If you have even an inkling of interest in Total War: Warhammer make sure to check out the currently ongoing Humble Monthly Bundle. For the next two days you can grab Total War: Warhammer and a whole bunch of mystery games for an astonishingly low $12. Even if you completely ignore all of the bonus games, $12 for Total War: Warhammer alone is one hell of a bargain given that this is by far and wide the cheapest it has ever been!

Just make sure to unsubscribe once you pick up your games, that is if you're not interested in going for another month. There's no need to rush given that you won't be billed again until halfway through March, but its still better to do it early while its fresh on your mind.

And if you're wondering whether Total War: Warhammer is even worth the trouble, my answer would be a resounding yes given that I listed it among my top 5 games from 2016. You can find my detailed review and thoughts by heading over here, but long story short: "Total War: Warhammer is a crossover between two franchises I've enjoyed for many years now, and I'm delighted to say that it manages to be faithful to both sides, and most importantly, an actually enjoyable experience on its own!"

You only have two days left, so if you're interested make sure to grab it before the bundle rotates out. And as a final little tip, make sure to download all of the free DLC before you start playing, because for some reason the game doesn't do so automatically. Have fun!