Killing Floor 2 Firebug in action

The Humble Monthly Bundle is a $12 subscription service that instantly gives you access to one game, and then a whole bunch more next month. Last month the featured games were Pillars of Eternity and NBA 2K17, while this time around you're looking at the co-op shooter Killing Floor 2.

If you're interested in my opinions on Killing Floor 2 you'll find a detailed overview in my review, but for now here's the short version: "Killing Floor 2 set out to do exactly one thing - to modernize and improve upon Killing Floor 1 without actually straying too far from the original formula. In this regard I would consider it an absolute success. The classes are much more balanced, the weapons are somehow even more enjoyable to use than ever before, and the new map design philosophy has managed to make each match feel all the more exciting. So if your wish for Killing Floor 2 was to get a new and improved version of Killing Floor 1, then by all means, consider it granted!"

There's not much else to add really. If you're a fan of horde modes and you don't mind the entire game being based around that, then Killing Floor 2 is well worth grabbing. This goes doubly so when you consider you'll also get a bunch of games next month!

If you do decide to grab the bundle, just keep in mind that this is a subscription service. So if you don't like next month's games, make sure to unsubscribe once you've received everything. There's no real rush as you'll only be billed halfway through the next month, but its better to do it sooner than later lest you forget. Have fun with Killing Floor 2!