Archaon the Everchosen from Total War: Warhammer

While I was initially skeptical about the whole Humble Monthly bundle concept, I must say that this year's offerings have made me quite the believer. I mean, spending $12 for XCOM 2, Ryse: Son of Rome, Steamworld Heist, ABZU, Okhlos Omega, Project Highrise, and Husk is quite the steal... especially when you consider that this is the cheapest XCOM 2 has ever been!

But if you've managed to miss the January bundle, worry not as the February bundle is shaping up to be equally as amazing. By heading over to the Humble Bundle website you can grab Total War: Warhammer for an astonishingly low $12 (by far and wide the cheapest it has ever been) and play it right away! And as an added bonus, you'll also get a whole bunch of mystery games in early March to round up your collection.

For those of you wondering whether Total War: Warhammer is even worth the trouble, allow me to just say that I listed it as one of my top 5 games from 2016... so yes, its pretty damn good! You can find my detailed review by heading over here, but long story short: "Total War: Warhammer is a crossover between two franchises I've enjoyed for many years now, and I'm delighted to say that it manages to be faithful to both sides, and most importantly, an actually enjoyable experience on its own."

As a final note, just make sure you're aware the Humble Monthly bundle is a subscription service. As such, if you don't want to buy the March bundle as well you'll need to unsubscribe by mid-March, though you will get to keep all of the games you've bought so far, so don't worry about that.