Pillars of Eternity screenshot of Dragon cultists

The Humble Monthly Bundle is a $12 subscription service that instantly gives you access to one game (or in this case two), and then a whole bunch more a few weeks later. Last month the featured game was the excellent Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Edition, while this month you're looking at a rather strange combination: Pillars of Eternity and NBA2K17.

I have absolutely no interest or knowledge about sports game, but chances are you know whether NBA 2K17 is for you just from the title alone. Pillars of Eternity, however, I know a lot of things about. Long story short, if you're interested in an excellent combat-focused RPG that manages to feel like an evolution of Baldur's Gate, then by all means give it a look as its well worth $12 on its own.

There is one thing you should know before you dive in, and that is the simple fact that this is a reoccurring monthly subscription. There is no need to worry about being stealth-billed for the second month as the money will leave your account only halfway through the next month, but even with all of that considered I would suggest unsubscribing the moment you realize the upcoming games are not to your liking - its just safer that way. Have fun!