Dark Souls 3 screenshot from the Ringed City DLC

The Humble Monthly Bundle is a $12 subscription service that instantly gives you access to one major game, and then a whole bunch more once the next month rolls over. Last month the featured game was Civilization VI, while this time around you're looking at one of my absolute favorites: Dark Souls 3 and its Ashes of Ariandel DLC.

With most games I have to weigh my thoughts and really consider who I'm willing to recommend them to, but for $12 I honestly feel Dark Souls 3 is a game everyone should try out. You might not like it, in which case you'll have all of the bonus games to help soften the blow, but if you do end up getting immersed into its world you'll find a game truly unlike all others. If you're interested in more details and why exactly I think Dark Souls 3 is so good, I would suggest heading over to my full review.

Before you go, it is worth mentioning that the difficulty of Dark Souls 3, and the Souls series in general, is greatly overstated. Yes, you will find yourself dying quite frequently, but as you learn and grow more confident you'll quickly realize that you can not only spot and avoid most traps, but also turn them against your enemies! Just pay a little bit of attention to your surroundings, take things nice and easy, and you'll be cleaving your way through hordes of enemies in no time.

Have fun, and here's the original cinematic trailer to help you get into the mood: