XCOM 2 Alien Hunters King of Vipers

The first DLC for XCOM 2, Anarchy's Children, was a rather mediocre one as it only offered cosmetics with no actual gameplay improvements, and worst of all, the majority of the them were either completely absurd, ill-fitting in the world and its lore, or just downright stupid.

Thankfully, the Alien Hunters DLC that's coming on May 12 is everything the first one isn't. It brings with it a bunch of unique new armor pieces and weaponry, a new narrative-focused mission, and most importantly, three 'Ruler' type aliens to square off against, each one with their own personal set of tactics, behaviors, and naturally, amazing loot for those that manage to bring them down.

XCOM 2's Alien Hunters DLC brings the Archon King

After you complete the new story mission the three 'bosses' (Viper King, Archon King, and Berserker Queen) will appear at random during a campaign mission, and quite possibly make your life a living nightmare. While they are far stronger and smarter than the generic mook you might come across, its still imperative that you bring them down as quickly as possible because they might just decide they've had enough of this conflict and simply flee, only to return during some later mission to deliver even more pain.

If you do manage to bring one of them down, however, you'll get quite the prize, their very own suit of armor that will allow one of your troops to employ some nifty new abilities. The only armor shown so far is the Icarus Suit that allows you to fly around the battlefield, much like how it worked back in XCOM: Enemy Within. You can read more about the Ruler aliens, as well as what the new weapons do, over at the XCOM 2 blog.

Alien Hunters will be available on May 12, and if you don't own the Season Pass it'll set you back $10.

Alien Hunters DLC brings with it the Berserker Queen