Hearthstone official artwork for Thrall

[Update]: The Shadowlands pre-patch has landed onto the public test servers alongside the leveling rework, class changes and new event!

Throughout all of Battle for Azeroth, the two Shaman DPS specializations have sadly been a bit neglected, especially Enhancement. When it comes to raw numbers, Enhancement is quite competitive, but when you look at the actual playstyle, it quickly becomes obvious how flawed the spec truly is. This is mostly because of the 'feast or famine' nature of Enhancement, where you either mash Stormstrike like a jackhammer, or you simply twiddle your thumbs and hope something interesting happens in the near future - neither of which is exactly ideal.

With that in mind, I'm pleased to say that Blizzard has now announced some major changes to both specs. Elemental will be getting a variety of minor tweaks to help make its playstyle flow better, while Enhancement is getting what appears to be a full-on rework.

You can read all about the changes over at the WoW forums, but long story short, it seems that Blizzard is looking to give Enhancement a bit more synergy between its abilities. The spec will no longer be entirely centered around Stormstrike with most other abilities existing in a vacuum, which with the addition of the often-requested Windfury Totem, should make Enhancement a whole lot more fun to play.

How exactly all of this will pan out when the community starts breaking down all of the new abilities, that still remains to be seen, but the good news is that Blizzard is at least keeping an eye on the Shaman class. I can only hope Shadow Priests will get the same treatment as right now the spec really needs a helping hand, especially in regards to talent diversity and gameplay flow.

For now, I'll leave you with one of the recent previews for the Ardenweald zone and Night Fae Covenant. Needless to say, they're quite an interesting bunch!