World of Warcraft's Goblin delivering some news

In an announcement that will come as a bit of a surprise to some, and as a massive relief to others, World of Warcraft's Senior PvP Designer Brian Holinka has left his position to join another project within Blizzard. What exactly this project will be, nobody knows right now, but it is slowly gathering some of Blizzard's most senior developers, so I'm guessing its going to be a rather massive new game.

While I personally have nothing against Holinka I am genuinely glad he has moved on to a different position within Blizzard. World of Warcraft's PvP scene has been dying for years now, constantly competing with much more PvP orientated games like Dota or CS:GO, so a breath of fresh air might just be what World of Warcraft needs.

As far as his replacement is concerned, I'm afraid nothing has been revealed so far, but I'm sure we'll get a proper announcement in the near future. Until then, allow me to send you off with Holinka's farewell message to the WoW community:

"Five years ago, I received a phone call from Blizzard offering me the chance of a lifetime—a position on the World of Warcraft team.

Simply put, this is my favorite game of all time, and working on it these past five years has been a dream come true. I have learned so much from the women and men who make it and everyone who plays it. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on a game that so many people around the world are so passionate about.

A few weeks ago, I was offered a new opportunity at Blizzard that I’m really excited about. Tomorrow is my last day working on World of Warcraft.

As a longtime player, I couldn't be more excited about what the future has in store for World of Warcraft. In particular, the PvP team remains hard at work on some incredible plans. I fully expect that the best years of World of Warcraft PvP are ahead of us.

Thank you to everyone involved with World of Warcraft, from the development team to the players, for letting me be a part of this game's community. I consider it a great privilege."