World of Warcraft: Legion's Illidan artwork

When it comes to MMO launches, or even most online games in general, the first few days are usually a complete disaster. As endless hordes of players swarm each of the available servers the in-game lag tends to slowly become unbearable, and worst of all, plenty of well-hidden bugs suddenly start surfacing in order to make the whole experience even more nightmarish.

Much to my surprise, however, none of these issues have befallen World of Warcraft's long-awaited Legion expansion. Not only was there no lag even mere minutes after the official release, the gameplay itself was almost completely bug free! In the three or so hours I've spent with Legion so far I've only encountered a single, minor bug - a broken texture that allowed me to see through the roof of a rather funky Night Elf house. Unlike Illidan, it would appear that Blizzard was prepared!

On a slightly different topic, if you're wondering how good Legion is when compared to Warlords of Draenor, my current answer would be "pretty damn good". I'm not yet ready to do any sort of a review, I'll leave that for once I finally hit 110, but so far I've been having a ton of fun. The quests are nice and varied, secrets are plentiful, the writing is completely cheesy but enjoyable at the same time, and most importantly, the various zones feel unique and exciting to explore.

If you're currently on the fence and would like to get a glimpse at Legion before deciding to go either way, here's the recently posted launch trailer. It shows footage from a bunch of zones and cinematics, so while there will be some minor spoilers it should give you a good idea of what Legion is all about: