World of Warcraft Island expedition screenshot of a crocodile attack

[Update]: Blizzard has clarified that the experience reduction will not kick in when queuing for random dungeons or battlegrounds. 

If you've taken even a single glance at World of Warcraft's trade chat, chances are you're well aware that the there are quite a few people offering level-boosting services. While their methods and characters may differ, usually this is done by taking a ridiculously geared level 110 character into a Battle for Azeroth dungeon or Island Expedition, and then using the somewhat broken scaling system to decimate the place within minutes, all the while providing heaps of experience for everyone in the party.

However, once the 8.2 update rolls around, this will no longer be possible. According to the recent PTR changes, anyone who chooses to put a pause to their experience gains will also reduce the experience received by everyone in their group by 95%!

As you might imagine, the community isn't exactly responding to these changes positively. There were already tons of complaints about the slow leveling speed and the inverse power curve while going from 110-120, so seeing the only shortcut through that part of the leveling process go away has only further ignited those sentiments.

Personally, I'm more worried about something else - what happens when experience-locked characters join random groups in dungeons or battlegrounds? Will they effectively remove all experience gains for their party? Or how about Island Expeditions? It's common to see level 110 characters farming mounts there, as well as various 110-119 characters using them to level up a bit quicker than usual. Does this mean the latter group will first need to investigate whether someone is preventing their experience gain before accepting them into the party? Long story short, expect to see some collateral damage from this given that the changes are a bit heavy-handed.

The level-boosting tweaks have only just been announced, however, so here's to hoping Blizzard will be able to iron out all of the issues and make it so they go through without impacting regular players.