Hearthstone artwork for Thrall

[Update]: World of Warcraft's Shadowlands expansion will allow secondary characters to skip the story bits!

Despite being presented with some of the most obscure secrets I've ever seen, the World of Warcraft community has triumphed time and time again. Sometimes it would take a couple of months if the clues were particularly devious, but with hundreds of players working on each puzzle there was always steady progress forward, and the sense that the solution is just around the corner.

This, however, did not apply to Jenafur - the fluffy feline friend first introduced with Patch 8.2.5. Once it became clear that there was a puzzle that needed solving, the World of Warcraft community once again quickly figured out where the puzzle starts, combined breadcrumbs in order to make a map that leads to Kharazan, and eventually even realized that the solution has something to do with music. And then they hit a wall, and a really big one at that!

Even though the solution was so tantalizingly close, nobody could figure out just what in the world the next step was. Some even tried to place food items as notes throughout Kharazan's opera house, but with no obvious pattern to follow or reason to choose one food item over another, the whole thing was a fruitless effort. And so, despite hundreds of players plunging all of their free time into the pursuit of Jenafur, there was absolutely no progress for a very long time... that is, until today!

World of Warcraft screenshot of Amara's Wish melody

The brief melody was the key... somehow.

Funnily enough, the final solution did not come from the World of Warcraft community, but rather a man named Paul that happens to be a fan of puzzles. Using some of the theories and screenshots created by other secret-hunters, Paul figured out how to transplant the melody into 3D space, and after a bit of messing around, found that certain food items were clearly marked. With this knowledge in hand he returned to the opera house and essentially wrote music with stale pieces of bread, and after a little bit of experimentation, did indeed manage to summon the elusive Jenafur!

Not only did he manage to crack this seemingly impenetrable secret, but Paul was also kind enough to share just how he got to the solution. So if you're in the mood for wracking your brain, you should definitely give Paul's theories a look. If you just want the easy version, however, Wowhead already has a rather nifty guide.

To be perfectly honest, Jenafur had evaded capture for so long I was practically certain Blizzard would relent and give the community some kind of massive hint, or even change the puzzle as a whole. So to see the Jenafur puzzle solved, and in such an elegant way, really is quite impressive. I can only hope that Paul and the rest of the secret-finding community will have a blast with whatever puzzles the upcoming Shadowlands expansion will carry with it!