World of Warcraft: Shadowlands artwork for Bastion

[Update]: My Shadowlands review is now live, and I'm happy to say things are looking pretty good for WoW!

The Shadowlands expansion was originally supposed to arrive on October 27th, but due to the closed beta being in a bit of a rough state, Blizzard opted to postpone it until late November. As it turns out, that was an incredibly wise decision given that World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has now been unleashed without any sort of major problems.

Naturally, some of the high population servers are having lengthy queue times, but the actual gameplay is looking perfectly smooth. Throughout the four to five hours I've spent so far I've only encountered a single notable bug, one that made my character unable to attack enemies because they were still stunned from a previous cutscene. A quick relog fixed that issue immediately and it never came back afterwards, so if you were holding off in order for the launch craziness to subside, I'd say Shadowlands is already looking stable enough to dive in!

As for what exactly you can expect to see throughout your first few days in the Shadowlands, that you can find out through the recently posted Shadowlands Survival Guide. Have a gander, though do be warned, it does feature some minor spoilers:

I'll have a full review up once I've sunk some more hours into Shadowlands, but for the time being I think it's a remarkably fun expansion from a leveling and questing standpoint. What exactly the endgame will look like and how the Covenants will interact with all of it, I have absolutely no idea, but if you're only going to play for a month or two to experience the story, then I have a feeling Shadowlands will be a good bit of fun for you.

Whatever the case may be, you can learn more about Shadowlands over at the official website. Enjoy!