World of Warcraft artwork for The Maw and Torghast

If you're like me and you decided to tackle the Shadowlands leveling process at a fairly relaxed pace, you've most likely noticed that you're not doing the same Torghast weekly quests as other people. This would be because Blizzard made it so you can only get one quest a week, regardless of when you started. So the longer you waited to get to level 60, the further behind you would be compared to those that rushed things.

Thankfully, this fairly massive issue has now been corrected. The entirety of the Torghast questline is now fully unlocked for all characters, regardless of when they hit level 60. Naturally, you'll still need to go through the full questline one step at a time to catch up, but that's definitely a much better alternative than being stuck a month in the past.

The reason this is so important is because the latest Torghast quest gives you a chance to unlock and explore the absolutely massive Twisting Corridors. And when I say absolutely massive, I'm not joking because the Twisting Corridors feature 18 randomized floors for you to carve your way through, hundreds of Anima powers to unlock in the same run, as well as some nifty rewards for those of you that are willing to put in the time and effort.

Completing Layer 2 of the Twisting Corridors, which means 36 increasingly more challenging floors, will net you a brand new Death Seeker battle pet. Layer 4 will get you the Helm of the Dominated toy, Layer 6 the Spirestalker title, and most importantly of all, Layer 8 will bring with it the Corridor Creeper mount that even works within The Maw itself!

You can read a tiny bit more about this, as well as keep an eye on any further updates, over at the WoW website. Have fun, and good luck with the Twisting Corridors - they get pretty spicy towards the end!