World of Warcraft screenshot of Princess Talanji from the Horde cinematic

[Update]: The double reputation event has now gone live for both Legion and Battle for Azeroth factions.

In an effort to keep players safe and indoors, World of Warcraft recently unleashed a time-limited 100% experience buff for all players. However, just as the double experience event was about to end, Blizzard announced that they will be extending it all the way until the Shadowlands pre-patch! In other words, if you ever wanted to level a brand new class in World of Warcraft - this would be the time!

The good news doesn't end there, however, as Blizzard has announced another bonus event. From April 20 through May 18, most Legion and Battle for Azeroth factions will award double the usual amount of reputation - perfect for unlocking and leveling some of the new Allied Races.

Unfortunately, the two reputations excluded from this event are the newly added and highly relevant Rajani and Uldum Accord reputations. While I can understand Blizzard being hesitant to make them easier to level up given how important their Essences are, especially in PvP, it is still a bit disappointing to see the only thing that would benefit 'main' characters excluded from the two events.

That is a relatively minor complaint, however, so don't let that stop you from giving a couple of new classes a try. Have fun, and make sure to keep an eye on any further Shadowlands developments and new features now that the alpha is finally live.