Battle for Azeroth artwork and logo

In order to give Battle for Azeroth a proper sendoff, Blizzard has recently added both a double experience and reputation event. The popularity of the former was guaranteed from the start, but it would appear that the reputation event was also a huge success given that Blizzard has now chosen to extend it all the way until the end of September!

Best of all, they have now expanded it to include the two most recent Patch 8.3 factions: Uldum Accord and Rajani! While I wouldn't recommend farming reputation with them in order to get their fancy Essences given that Shadowlands launches in October, this would still be a pretty good time to pick up some of the cosmetics you may have missed.

Similarly, it's also worth mentioning that Shadowlands will be removing the reputation requirement for the Allied Races. Under the new system you'll only need to complete the relevant quests and their unlock scenario in order to be able to create a character, so unless you're extremely eager to get your hands on the new races, only start farming their reputation if you're interested in the cosmetic side of things.

Have fun collecting all of the reputation goodies, and if you need a little bit more info about the upcoming Shadowlands expansion, you should head on over to the World of Warcraft website.