World of Warcraft: Dragonflight artwork showing off Alexstrazsa

[Update #2]: The heavily exploration focused Dragonflight expansion has now arrived, and so far it's looking quite good!

[Update]: Second phase of World of Warcraft's Dragonflight pre-patch has now arrived with the new Dracthyr Evoker race/class combo.

In order to set the stage for the upcoming Dragonflight expansion, the World of Warcraft team has now unleashed the first part of the massive pre-patch. Phase 1 of the update brings with it a heavily overhauled talent tree that's focused around giving players a ton of interesting choices to experiment with, as well as the ability to play as a Rogue, Mage or Priest regardless of race and faction.

The user interface has also been redesigned from the ground up and now comes with rather handy tools to help you customize it from top to bottom without the need for addons. Add to that a bunch of quality of life improvements, a new rated PvP mode along with a couple of new accessibility features, and you've got yourself the beginnings of a pretty solid update!

Things are only going to get better on November 15th once Phase 2 of the pre-patch arrives. This one will let you create the new Dracthyr Evoker race/class combo, explore the Dracthyr starter zone in its entirety, smash your way through a revamped version of Uldaman, as well as mess around with a new world-wide event that will reward you with a bunch of catch-up gear and cosmetics. So if you're itching to dive back into World of Warcraft ahead of the Dragonflight expansion , this would be a pretty good time to do so as you should have plenty of new and reworked content to experience.

What all of these new features and changes look like in action, however, that you can check out through the freshly posted patch survival guide. Have a gander:

Once Phase 2 arrives, or Blizzard announces anything else of interest, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a few more tidbits about Phase 1 over at the official website. Enjoy!