World of Warcraft's Goblin delivering some patch notes

If you've spent your time PvPing throughout World of Warcraft: Legion, you're no doubt aware of how funky the reward system is right now. You can spend 20 minutes having a back-and-forth Battleground match, end up losing by a mere few points, only to have all of that effort rewarded with a majestic 7 gold. And then you queue into a Battleground that's nearly finished and you get an epic ring, because why not!

Thankfully, this isn't the Blizzard from Warlords of Draenor as they have listened to the complaints and are soon implementing a variety of changes. Once Patch 7.1 finally arrives on October 25th PvP will award more Artifact power, a guaranteed piece of gear from every battleground win, more Honor from daily wins, and best of all, a guaranteed piece of Gladiator gear each week!

So how does all of this work? Well, the Artifact Power change is a fairly simple one - you'll just gain more of it from each match! And if you need even more artifact power, you'll be glad to hear that every single PvP format (including Arena Skirmishes) will have a "first victory of the day" bonus that awards a large amount of Artifact Power and Honor. It won't be enough to completely replace World Quests as a way of acquiring further Artifact talents, but its still a good little extra to have.

As for PvP gear, every single Battleground and Rated Battleground win will award a piece of gear - its strength depending on your current item level. This gear will have a chance to acquire all of the standard bonuses such as: sockets, tertiary stats, as well as warforged or titanforged status. Those of you that only play the Arena, worry not, you will also be able to acquire plenty of gear over there - though the loot drop isn't guaranteed given that you can play 5-6 Arena games in the span of a single Battleground.

And finally, the weekly bonus gear. Instead of just getting a random piece of gear from your first victory in each rater bracket, with Patch 7.1 you will need to undertake a PvP quest instead. But rather than simply reward you with garbage, these quests will give you a guaranteed piece of gear from the current Gladiator set, or if your rating is about 2000, a piece of the Elite set! You can do all three quests each week (2v2, 3v3, Rated Battlegrounds), so if you're truly dedicated to PvP you'll find yourself quickly shooting up the gear ladder... as long as the damned thing doesn't keep giving out rings all the time!

You can read a few more details over at the World of Warcraft website, but to put it simply - these are some very welcome changes. Hopefully this is the sort of direction Blizzard continues going in because Legion has so far been pretty damn good, and with Patch 7.1 its about to become even better!