World of Warcraft artwork for Alterac Valley

[Update #2]: I'm happy to say that World of Warcraft: Classic has now been officially released and that the servers are practically overflowing with players!

[Update]: World of Warcraft: Classic's character creation and name reservation services are now live!

Blizzard has recently announced that they will be opening character creation for World of Warcraft: Classic on August 12th. So if you have a currently active subscription and a desire to play WoW Classic, make sure to use that opportunity to get some of your favorite names reserved for the official launch on August 26th.

However, you can't exactly create your characters without knowing which server you and your friends will be on, which is why I'm glad to say that Blizzard has now finally released the list of WoW Classic server names and types! What I'm not quite as happy with are the server names they have chosen, as you'll quickly realize once you start going through them.

You will find the full list of US and Australian servers over at the US forums, which currently contains a pretty nice distribution of thirteen servers. While this should be fairly obvious, make sure to choose the ones with your time zone or else you might find yourself playing WoW Classic in either perpetual light or darkness!

As for the EU servers, you will find all of the information over at the EU forums. While I would love to tell you that the EU server distribution is just as lovely as the US one, I'm afraid things aren't quite as rosey over here. The reason I say this is because Blizzard has made an incredibly small amount of English EU servers - only two PvP and two PvE ones!

WoW Classic server distribution for the EU realm

That is quite literally it for the English servers

Unless WoW Classic ends up being a complete disaster that nobody wants to play, I can already imagine all of the English-speaking EU servers being absolutely jam-packed with people. So much so that I honestly can't imagine Blizzard disabling the Layering system that's supposed to combat this, even once the 'Phase 2' of content comes around. I know server merges are a bit of a taboo over at Blizzard as they rarely go without problems, but I still feel like they could've gone with a few more servers for the EU region.

On the positive side, there are still quite a few days left until WoW Classic officially launches, and Blizzard has already shown that they are willing to listen to play feedback. So who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and they'll open up a few more EU servers over the next few weeks.

Whatever the case may be, it'll certainly be interesting to watch what happens!