World of Warcraft: Classic Nefarian fight artwork

[Update]: The newest update has brought in the legendary Gates of Ahn'Qiraj event and two accompanying raids!

Soon after World of Warcraft: Classic was first announced, Blizzard revealed that they would be using Layering technology in order to essentially have servers within servers. While a wildly unpopular idea among the community, the Layering system was unfortunately necessary in order to combat insane queue times and overpopulation in certain zones.

However, as Classic's playerbase shrunk in size, and those that remained spread more evenly across the world, Blizzard slowly but surely began removing the whole Layering system. And for a while, everything was working pretty much perfectly.

Unfortunately, this whole pandemic has sealed a large chunk of the world indoors, and as you might imagine, this then quickly led to a steep increase in the number of players on Classic's servers. As such, most of the problems that plagued Classic during its launch, everything from overpopulated zones to lengthy queue times, have now returned in force.

In order to combat this, as well as provide a more pleasant experience for everyone involved, Blizzard has now once again activated the Layering technology for specific servers. Worry not, however, as the Layering will once again be a temporary measure, and will be removed entirely once the server situation has improved.

You can read a little bit more about this process, as well as check which servers are affected, over at the WoW: Classic forums.