World of Warcraft: Classic artwork of a Gryphon rider

[Update #2]: I'm happy to say that World of Warcraft: Classic has now been officially released and that the servers are practically overflowing with players!

[Update]: World of Warcraft: Classic's character creation and name reservation services are now live!

If you're looking to give World of Warcraft: Classic a try before it officially releases on August 26th, you're in luck as Blizzard has now unleashed the final stress test. You might want to hurry, however, as the stress test will only be live until August 9th!

Much like before, an active World of Warcraft subscription is needed to enter, though there are other requirements. As for the in-game restrictions, the only one that's worth mentioning is that the maximum character level is 15. While it doesn't sound like much, I highly doubt most people will even end up getting that far, especially considering how short the stress test truly is.

You can learn more about this stress test, as well as follow any urgent announcements or updates, over at the Blizzard forums

On a somewhat unrelated note, it's also worth mentioning that Blizzard will be opening character creation for WoW Classic on August 12th. You'll only be able to create three characters at this time, but that should be more than enough to reserve some of your favorite names. 

Have fun with the stress test!