World of Warcraft: Classic artwork for the gryphon rider

[Update]: Blizzard will be opening up name reservations for World of Warcraft: Classic on August 12th!

The World of Warcraft: Classic community is an extremely diverse bunch. Some haven't played Classic in well over a decade, others have constantly been hopping from one private server to another, while the rest only really have experience with the current version of World of Warcraft.

Given the vastly different viewpoints and experiences, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to hear that the WoW Classic devs are getting a ton of bug reports for things that are 100% intended. So in order to set the record straight, the developers have recently started the highly informative "Not a bug" list.

The list has now been updated once again, this time around with some of the more controversial topics within the community. Most notably, the "melee leeway" mechanic that gives melee characters additional range while attacking other running characters, has been confirmed to function as intended in both PvP and PvE. How exactly this will affect Tauren Hunters with their already extended range, I have no idea, but it's certainly going to be something to consider in PvP.

When it comes to the interaction between Rogues and Hunters, it would appear that it is indented for stealth to reduce the trigger range on Hunter traps. As such, don't be surprised if a Rogue sneaks straight through your carefully planned ambush and attempts to run away with the WSG flag! On the positive side, at least if you're a Hunter player anyway, an already active frost trap will break rogues out of stealth if they touch any of the ice.

You can read more about these sorts of interactions, as well as check out the whole "Not a bug" list, over at the official forums.