World of Warcraft: Classic artwork of a gryphon rider

As previously announced, all Blizzcon 2018 tickets (both virtual and physical) will bring with them access to the much-anticipated World of Warcraft: Classic demo. Outside of private servers that are rife with flaws, this will be the first time anyone outside of Blizzard has managed to step foot into classic content, which as you might imagine, has spurred quite a bit of interest.

While that is certainly a positive thing, the sheer influx of players has also created a bit of a problem given that the demo servers are somewhat limited. In other words, during the initial release you will only be able to play for a certain (and currently unspecified) amount of time before being logged off in order to give someone else a chance. Naturally, your progress will be saved and you'll be able to dive back in soon enough, but the first few days are likely to be a bit messy.

On the positive side, you will be able to explore two zones that many of you are likely to be quite familiar with: Barrens and Westfall. The demo will start you off at level 15 (and thankfully with all your skills learned), and from there you will be able to help Mankrik search for his wife, get absolutely obliterated by the Defias bandits in Moonbrook, and most importantly of all, slowly realize that the local population of animals has somehow survived all these years without having a single kidney. Given the limitations imposed on the demo servers you won't be able to visit any dungeons or explore any other zones, but everything else will be there for you to mess around with. 

As far as improvements are concerned, nothing gameplay-related has been announced just yet, but thankfully World of Warcraft: Classic will arrive alongside greatly enhanced anti-cheat technology, as well as some much better menus. A barely noticeable improvement in the grand scheme of things, but I for one am extremely thankful I won't have to constantly dig through the oldschool keybinding list in order to make my class function like I want it to!

Once the demo goes live I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you can read a few more tidbits about World of Warcraft: Classic over at the official website.