World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth screenshot of Saurfang from his Lost Honor cinematic

World of Warcraft is currently going through a bit of a rough period when it comes to storytelling, especially on the Horde side. Sylvanas becoming Warchief seemingly out of nowhere didn't exactly go over well back in Legion, but now that she's returned to her usual shenanigans the divide between the playerbase has become even larger, so much so that Blizzard ended up creating three different variants of the upcoming main questline.

While certainly a bit of a mess, especially for fans of Thrall's oldschool Horde, it does seem like this whole scenario has been planned from the very start by Blizzard, as noted by more and more focus being put on Saurfang and his rebellion. In fact, the most recent Blizzcon 2018 cinematic short once again features Saurfang as the protagonist, though this time in a bit of a different setting than in the precious cinematic. Have a look:

Personally, I am of two minds about this. On one hand, it's great that Blizzard is now finally exploring the divides that have been in the Horde since the very beginning, as that really can lead to some genuinely interesting storylines. On the other hand, I can't help but feel like we've already seen this exact same story play out in Mists of Pandaria. I can only hope Blizzard will listen to player feedback and come up with a narrative worthy of World of Warcraft's rich lore, because simply redeeming or killing Sylvanas would be such a boring and expected move.

 Whatever the case may be, we'll get some answers soon enough as the next update will add a couple of major questlines revolving around the fate of the Horde and the now-scattered Night Elves.