Artwork showing a battle between World of Warcraft's Zandalari Troll and Kul Tiras Human

World of Warcraft's Patch 8.1.5 arrived a little while ago, bringing with it the long-awaited Kul Tiran Humans and Zandalari Trolls, as well as a variety of other content to mess around with. If you would like to check out all of the new stuff yourself, but you aren't exactly keen on reactivating your subscription, you might be interested to hear that World of Warcraft will soon be having a free weekend.

From what I can tell, players who own Battle for Azeroth will be able to access all of the content throughout the free weekend, from March 21-24. Everyone else will only be able to play in Battle for Azeroth zones for three hours, or until they complete the "We Need Each Other" quest on the Horde side, or the Alliance alternative "A Nation Divided". You will be able to repeat the trial on multiple characters, however, so even with a harsh time limit you should get a pretty good idea of what Battle for Azeroth has to offer.

As for whether it's actually worth currently giving World of Warcraft a chance, I would say the answer is a tentative yes. While Battle for Azeroth has quite a few problems that have remained present since launch, there is still enough interesting content available to keep you entertained for quite a while. I wouldn't recommend staying subscribed for long as you will eventually get bored, but a month or two should be enough to let you explore everything Battle for Azeroth has to offer without things getting too stale.

You can read more about the upcoming free weekend, as well as World of Warcraft itself, over at the official website. And if you're curious about the two new Allied Races, I'll leave you with one of the recent previews highlighting just that. Enjoy!