System Shock remaster screenshot of the zombie enemy

[Update]: The System Shock Remake has now arrived, and it's looking quite good so far! The console versions are also on the way, though those will be coming at a later date.

After starting off extremely strong with a playable demo during its initial Kickstarter campaign, the development of the System Shock remaster unfortunately encountered problem after problem. This eventually resulted in the project being put on ice, with the developers taking a break in order to reassess their approach and return to the original vision. A rather ill omen, and one that most projects never manage to recover from.

Thankfully, according to PCGamer's recent interview with Nightdive Studios' CEO Stephen Kick and Business Development Director Larry Kuperman, the work on the System Shock remaster has now been resumed! Don't get to excited, however, as the new release date has been tentatively set for Q1 of 2020.

"Our intention is to ship exactly the game that was promised, with as much of the features that were promised as we can, in a timeframe that will get it out as fast as we can," Kuperman said. "We've also had renewed interest from some publishing partners, for whom the more complex and costly game was something of a challenge for them, that this is what they were hoping we would provide and renewed their interest."

While I can't say I'm exactly pleased for having to wait another two years in order to see System Shock remastered, I am glad the studio is willing to admit their mistakes and work for as long as it takes to fix them. On the positive side, Kickstarter backers will be getting a sneak peek at the new version in early April, so while we're still going to have to wait for quite a while, we'll at least have something new to ponder over.