Wizards of the Coast official logo artwork

[Update #2]: The Dark Alliance studio is being expanded in order to work on a AAA Dungeons & Dragons RPG developed on Unreal Engine 5.

[Update]: 2004 console hack & slash RPG Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II has now made its way to PC.

Even though their two recent games ended up being disappointing, to the point that Magic: Legends shut down before it even truly launched, Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have now opened up a brand new gaming division. The freshly formed New Raleigh-Durham Studio will focus on developing AAA games for both PC and consoles based on Hasbro's various properties.

These franchises include some you might expect like Transformers and G.I. Joe, as well as some that are a little bit more niche like Micronauts and even Ouija. How in the world you would make a compelling game out of Ouija, I have absolutely no idea, but the good news is that the studio will start off fairly simple by creating an action-adventure set within the G.I. Joe universe.

As for the future, I think it's fairly likely to assume we'll be getting a brand new Transformers game given that many of the ones released so far seem to be perpetually stuck in some sort of legal limbo and are thus unplayable. Considering that Wizards of the Coast is behind the studio I'm also expecting to see new DnD and Magic games, though probably not for a little while as the last two ended up with a rather frigid reception.

Whatever the case may be, I'll make sure to let you know once New Raleigh-Durham Studio announces their next game or finally unveils the ongoing G.I. Joe one. Until then, I'm afraid all we can do is sit and wait.