We are the Dwarves artwork

We are the Dwarves is a brutally difficult real-time tactical adventure that tasks you with escorting a trio of Dwarven Space Marines through a variety of levels filled with traps, enemies, and even more traps. Since each Dwarf has numerous spells and abilities at their disposal, controlling all of them in the middle of combat can become incredibly stressful, even though there is an option to briefly pause time and queue up your actions.

This sort of brutal, punishing difficulty was one of my main complaints when I first reviewed We are the Dwarves, but it appears that the developers have recently found a way to not only correct the issue, but add in a nifty new feature as well. As you can probably guess from the title, this new feature is local co-op that allows you and two other buddies to each control a single Dwarf and accomplish far more than any single person ever could.

Along with the addition of local co-op, the update also brought in a whole bunch of bug fixes and balance changes, and most importantly, four new maps designed purely with multiplayer in mind. While I haven't had the time to try We are the Dwarves after the update, I do hope these new levels are also playable in singleplayer, mostly because the bragging rights that come with beating a co-op mission in solo mode are too much to pass up on.

If you're interested in learning more about We are the Dwarves I would suggest you head over to the official website, but if you're simply looking to purchase it for a co-op session over the weekend you can find it on Steam.

I've had a lot of trouble trying to finish it in singleplayer, so if you do decide to grab We are the Dwarves I would recommend you play it with a couple of friends by your side. It should be much less frustrating, and more importantly, a whole lot more enjoyable that way. Just remember, its local co-op only, which means you will need to use at least two controllers to play it with a full group.